Western Europe TV revenues to reach $50 billion

08 October, 2018

Western European TV revenues will reach $50 billion by 2023; up from $39 billion in 2017. OTT revenues for TV episodes and movies (including AVOD) will more than double from $10 billion to $23 billion. This will push OTT’s share of the total up from 26% to 46%. Pay TV revenues will fall by $2 billion over the same period.

SVOD revenues will total $12.47 billion by 2023 – up by $8 billion from $4.44 billion in 2017. Netflix will account for 57% Western Europe’s SVOD revenues by 2023, up from 52% in 2017.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, added: “Western Europe will have 205 million TV subscriptions by 2023; up from 153 million in 2017. We forecast 99 million SVOD subscriptions by 2023, up from 50 million by end-2017. Therefore, SVOD’s share of the total will grow from 33% to 48%. Nearly 15 million SVOD subs will be added in 2018 alone, with 11 million more expected in 2019.”

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