Global Pay TV Operator Forecasts

May 2017

Pay TV subscriptions for the 522 operators with 758 platforms [144 digital cable, 128 analog cable, 292 satellite, 128 IPTV and 66 DTT] across 135 countries covered in this report will increase from a collective 839 million in 2016 to 963 million by 2022. These operators took 87% of the 959 million global subscribers by end-2016, with this level expected to inch up to 88% of the 1,093 million by 2022.

Published in May 2017, this 210-page electronically-delivered report comes in two parts:
• A PDF giving a global executive summary and forecasts.
• An excel workbook giving comparison tables and country-by-country forecasts in detail for 522 operators across 135 territories for every year from 2010 to 2022. The report covers 758 platforms: 292 satellite TV; 144 digital cable; 128 analog cable; 128 IPTV; and 66 DTT.

PDF See sample report
Publication Date: May 2017 Report Formats: View Table of Contents (PDF)
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