Sub-Saharan Africa OTT TV & Video Forecasts

June 2017

Sub-Saharan Africa OTT TV and video will still be a very immature sector by 2022, with movie and TV episode revenues reaching $640 million for 35 countries. However, this total is up by a multiple of 12 on 2016’s $52 million, according to the Sub-Saharan Africa OTT TV & Video Forecasts report. South Africa will account for 40% of the region’s revenues by 2022, with Nigeria bringing in a further 21%.

SVOD is already the main revenue driver for OTT TV and video. SVOD revenues will reach $475 million by 2022 (or 74% of the OTT total); up by 22 times on the 2016 total (40% of OTT revenues).
by 2022.

Digital TV Research forecasts 10.12 million SVOD subs by 2022, up from 525,000 at end-2016. South Africa (2.70 million by 2022) will remain the leader, but Nigeria (2.64 million) will be close to taking top slot.

Published in June 2017, this 168-page PDF and excel report combines the relevant countries from two of last year’s reports: Middle East & Africa OTT TV & Video Forecasts and Middle East & Africa SVOD Forecasts in one convenient place. The report comes in six parts:
• Executive summary and regional forecasts, with handy comparison tables to reveal the best growth prospects;
• Major SVOD platforms, including market share for each;
• Regional forecasts summary from 2010 to 2022 by platform, by household penetration, by SVOD subscribers and by OTT revenues;
• Top-line forecasts (population, population per household, households, TV households, fixed broadband homes, smartphone users, tablet users) for 35 countries;
• Country profiles for 35 territories;
• Detailed country forecasts for 35 nations.

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Publication Date: June 2017 Report Formats: View Table of Contents (PDF)
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