Netflix Forecasts

May 2018

Digital TV Research forecasts that Netflix will have 201 million streaming subscribers by 2023, up by 82% from 111 million at end-2017. About 28 million subscribers will be added in 2018 – making it the largest growth year ever. Lower growth is expected after 2018, according to the Netflix Forecasts report.

North America and Western Europe will together supply 62% of Netflix’s total subscriber base by 2023 – still dominant, but down from 76% in 2017. Asia Pacific will boast fast growth by taking 14% of the 2023 total. This represents 28 million subs; quadruple the 2017 figure.

Streaming subscription revenues for Netflix will climb by 155% from $11.3 billion in 2017 to $28.8 billion in 2023. The top five countries will generate revenues of $16 billion in 2023 – or 56% of Netflix’s global subscription revenues. The US will contribute $11.2 billion, with four other countries above $1 billion.

Published in May 2018, the Netflix Forecasts report covers 194 pages in two parts:
• A PDF giving comparison tables and rankings. Chapters include:
o Forecasts summary
o Prospects by country
o Content strategy
o Distribution partners
o Competitive environment

• An excel workbook providing forecasts (2010-2023) for each of the 138 countries covered, comparison tables covering subscribers and subscription revenues.

Publication Date: May 2018 Report Formats: PDFExcel View Table of Contents (PDF)
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