TV Forecasts

October 2018

Global pay TV and SVOD subscriptions will reach 1,877 million by 2023. This total is up by 505 million (37%) from 1,372 million at end-2017. SVOD subscriptions will more than double between 2017 and 2023, but traditional pay TV will only add 94 million subscribers.

The US will have 289 million subscriptions by 2023; up from 222 million at end-2017. Due to cord-cutting, traditional pay TV subscriptions will fall by 10 million to 80 million. However, multiple subscriptions will push the SVOD total from 132 million to 208 million.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “China is the brightest star by adding 171 million subscriptions between these dates to take its total to 610 million. Its pay TV total will “only” grow by 32 million to 375 million, but SVOD will rocket by 138 million to 235 million. India will add a further 49 million pay TV and SVOD subscriptions to take its total to 210 million in 2023.”

Published in October 2018, the 96-page, 112 charts TV Forecasts report provides a succinct overview of developments for senior executives in PowerPoint (as well as a PDF file) chart format as well as bullet point analysis for each region.

Publication Date: October 2018 Report Formats: PDFPowerPoint View Table of Contents (PDF)
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