OTT TV and Video Databook

September 2019

Global online TV episode and movie revenues reached $68 billion in 2018, climbing from $51 billion in 2017 and up by $30 billion on 2016.

From the 138 countries covered in the OTT TV and Video Databook, the top five commanded 71% of the global revenues by 2018. OTT revenues exceeded $1 billion in 10 countries in 2018.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “The US added $6.5 billion in revenues in 2018, with China up by $3.6 billion. Therefore, the US and China were together responsible for more than half the world’s additional revenues in 2018.”

SVOD became the largest OTT revenue source in 2014 when it overtook AVOD. SVOD’s share reached 53% in 2018. SVOD revenues climbed by $11 billion in 2018 to $36 billion – up by 44% in the year. AVOD revenues increased by $5 billion in 2018 to take its total to $22 billion.

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